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WhatsApp for Android Prepares App Update to Resemble iOS More


The Android version of WhatsApp has made several interesting design changes in its latest beta version. In this update, the popular messaging app now looks more similar to the iOS version of WhatsApp.

One of the significant updates is the introduction of a bottom navigation bar, which gives it a similar feel to the iOS feature. Additionally, the context menu for messages has also undergone a redesigned that is currently being tested.

Meta, the company behind WhatsApp, is striving to enhance the app's appearance and functionality to provide a more consistent experience for users. This step is also an effort to compete with other popular messaging apps.

According to reports from WABetaInfo, the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, namely version and, indicates changes to the app header. However, beta users and general users are still unable to try out this new interface design.

In the design displayed by WABetaInfo, a white action bar will appear when the dark theme in the app is deactivated. For dark mode users, WhatsApp is developing a header with a darker color, resembling the design in the iOS version.

These color changes aim to create consistency between the top bar and other features in the app's interface. It will also provide a similar experience for WhatsApp users on the Android and iOS platforms.

WhatsApp for Android is aligning this update based on Google's Material Design 3 guidelines to maintain an appealing visual experience.

As information, WhatsApp for Android has undergone several changes since its launch in 2009. However, the user interface on the iOS platform has always been more user-friendly.

These upcoming changes are expected to provide a better user experience across various platforms.

This feature is currently in the development stage, so not all beta users can try it. However, Meta will expand the beta testing to more users in the coming days.

After going through the testing phase, this feature will be released publicly, and the new interface will be implemented on all user devices.

In addition to the design updates, WhatsApp has also announced a new feature that allows WhatsApp Business users to create Facebook and Instagram ads without a Facebook account.

This feature provides opportunities for small businesses that only use WhatsApp to start advertising campaigns more easily.

By using an email address and a payment form, businesses can create, purchase, and display Facebook or Instagram ads directly through the WhatsApp Business app.

These ads will open a conversation on WhatsApp when someone clicks on the ad, allowing customers to ask questions, explore products, and make purchases easily.

This feature is an effective way for small businesses to encourage potential customers to interact through WhatsApp. It opens up new opportunities for businesses that solely rely on WhatsApp and want to start advertising in a simple manner.

With the design updates making WhatsApp for Android resemble the iOS version more, along with the new feature enabling direct ads in WhatsApp Business, the app continues to evolve to provide a better experience for users and meet business needs.

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