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Synopsis of SAS: Red Notice (2023)


Grace Lewis (Ruby Rose) is a member of the Black Swan mercenary group led by her father. They carry out dirty missions on behalf of SAS commander George Clements (Andy Serkis) for the British government.


In the film SAS: Red Notice, after an attack is leaked to the media, Black Swan is considered a terrorist organization and is ordered to be arrested. After her father is killed, Grace takes her Black Swan members on the run and hijacks a subterranean train from London to Paris.


Tom Buckingham (Sam Heughan), an SAS soldier, and his girlfriend Dr. Sophie (Hannah John-Kamen) happen to be on the same train. A fight between Tom, who wants to save his girlfriend, and Black Swan is inevitable.


Interesting premise


SAS: Red Notice is an action genre film that contains various political and revenge elements. Several twists are prepared to make the audience interested in this film.


With a runtime of just over 2 hours, there are many plots and subplots to enjoy. Starting from the background of Grace and her family, introducing Tom and Dr. Sophie, and then the majority of the plot revolves around the train hijacking carried out by Grace.


The premise offered can be said to be interesting; a mercenary family being hunted after carrying out orders from the British government. There are two opposing sides, Black Swan and SAS.


However, Red Notice may not be a film that can be enjoyed seriously. There are many inconsistencies in storytelling and the plot offered. Sometimes solid, but often forced and exaggerated.


Messy execution


Not without its appeal. Red Notice has a bunch of potentials that could make it one of the most interesting franchises. Starting from a lineup of impressive Hollywood names, both big and new, to action continuity that is not even found in most other action films.


On one hand, some details make this film seem organized and neat. But there are many questions about the plot and details that make you curious. For example, how can cell phone signals be so good underground?!!


Regardless of the messy execution, the theme raised is very tempting. The message about people who want revenge after being eliminated by a ruler who does not want their corruption to be exposed can be seen clearly.


A prologue narration at the beginning of the film about 'psychopaths around us' feels disturbing. Although it is intended to clarify the story of the two main characters in this film, it seems cringe and not too impactful on the overall plot.


This film was first released in the UK in 2021 and was bought by Netflix. However, the title was changed to SAS: The Rise of Black Swan. Most likely to disguise the original title that received negative reviews from critics.


Actually, SAS: Red Notice is not too bad for an action film. But the overly lengthy plot and unnecessary scenes are the biggest weaknesses of this film. Well, it might be a guilty pleasure to watch in your spare time.


Genre: Action Comedy

Director: Magnus Martens

Screenwriter: Laurence Malkin

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