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Review of Luther The Fallen Sun - A Captivating Historical Drama


"Luther: The Fallen Sun" - An Overview of the Historical Drama


"Luther: The Fallen Sun" is a historical drama series that premiered on the German streaming service, "TVNOW," on November 1st, 2021. The show follows the life of Martin Luther, a German professor of theology, and a pivotal figure in the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century.

The series is directed by Philipp Kadelbach, who is known for his work on other historical dramas, such as "SS-GB" and "Generation War." The show is written by Stefan Dähnert, who also has experience in historical dramas, having written for shows like "Ku'damm 56" and "Borgia."

The series is set in the 1520s, during a time when Luther's ideas were gaining traction, and he was becoming increasingly influential. The story follows Luther as he tries to navigate the political and religious landscape of his time, while also grappling with his own personal demons.

The series stars Maximilian Brückner as Martin Luther, and also features actors such as Devid Striesow, who plays the Archbishop Albrecht von Brandenburg, and Andreas Pietschmann, who plays Philip Melanchthon, Luther's friend and collaborator.


"Luther: The Fallen Sun" has been well-received by critics and audiences alike, with many praising its attention to historical accuracy, as well as its powerful performances and engaging storytelling. The show has also been noted for its production value, with its intricate set design and costume design capturing the look and feel of the 16th century.

While the show is primarily focused on Luther's life, it also explores the larger historical context of the time, including the role of the Catholic Church in Europe, the emergence of the printing press, and the political and social upheaval that was occurring in Germany at the time.

Overall, "Luther: The Fallen Sun" is a compelling and thought-provoking series that offers an insightful look into the life of one of the most important figures in Western history. Its focus on historical accuracy and attention to detail make it a must-watch for fans of historical dramas, while its engaging storytelling and strong performances make it accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience.


Additionally, the series also portrays Luther's relationship with his wife, Katharina von Bora, and their unconventional marriage, which was scandalous at the time. The show highlights the role that Katharina played in supporting Luther's work and the important contributions she made to the Reformation.

"Luther: The Fallen Sun" also explores the controversies and conflicts that arose from Luther's teachings, including his opposition to the sale of indulgences, his translation of the Bible into German, and his rejection of certain Catholic doctrines.

The series offers a nuanced portrayal of Luther, showcasing his flaws and contradictions alongside his bravery and determination. The show also examines the impact that Luther had on Europe and the world, as his ideas and teachings led to significant changes in the Church and society.


Overall, "Luther: The Fallen Sun" is a well-crafted and engaging series that offers a fresh perspective on one of the most significant periods in Western history. Its exploration of Luther's life and legacy provides an informative and thought-provoking viewing experience for audiences interested in history, religion, and culture.

The series also delves into the political and social turmoil of the time, with Luther's ideas and teachings sparking conflicts and divisions within Germany and beyond. The show provides a vivid portrayal of the tensions and upheavals of the Reformation period, offering a glimpse into the complex historical forces at work during this time.

In addition to its strong writing and acting, "Luther: The Fallen Sun" also boasts impressive production values. The show's elaborate costumes and set designs capture the look and feel of 16th-century Europe, immersing viewers in the world of the Reformation. The attention to detail in the show's production design helps to create a sense of authenticity, drawing audiences into the story and heightening their engagement with the historical subject matter.

As a whole, "Luther: The Fallen Sun" is a compelling and ambitious historical drama that offers a nuanced and thought-provoking exploration of one of the most significant figures in Western history. With its strong writing, excellent performances, and impressive production values, the show is a must-watch for anyone interested in the Reformation period, the history of Christianity, or the broader cultural and social trends of the time.


Furthermore, "Luther: The Fallen Sun" is notable for its balanced portrayal of both the Catholic Church and the Protestant Reformation. The show does not shy away from the controversies and abuses of the Catholic Church at the time, but also acknowledges the positive contributions that the Church made to European society and culture. At the same time, the show highlights the flaws and limitations of the Reformation, pointing out the sectarianism and intolerance that emerged in the wake of Luther's teachings.

Overall, "Luther: The Fallen Sun" is a captivating and illuminating drama that offers a fresh perspective on the Reformation period. With its powerful performances, engaging storytelling, and attention to historical accuracy, the series is a must-watch for anyone interested in the history of religion, culture, and society in Western Europe. Whether you are a history buff, a fan of historical dramas, or simply someone looking for a gripping and thought-provoking TV show, "Luther: The Fallen Sun" is sure to deliver.

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