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Review Missing (2023)


Review Missing (2023)


Genre: thriller

Actors: Nia Long, Storm Reid, Ken Leung, Joaquim de Almeida

Directors: Will Merrick, Nick Johnson

Release Date: 22 February 2023


The 2023 film Missing is a thrilling standalone sequel to the 2018 film Searching, directed by Will Merrick and Nick Johnson. Missing features a new story with different characters played by a talented cast, including Nia Long, Storm Reid, Ken Leung, and Joaquim de Almeida. The film tells the story of June, a teenager who lives alone with her mother Grace. After Grace goes missing during a vacation in Colombia, June uses her intelligence to search for her mother by hacking into various accounts and using the internet.

Missing utilizes the screenlife concept, just like Searching did. The entire film is shown from the perspective of the screen, providing a unique viewing experience. The film also touches on the theme of a stretched parent-child relationship, similar to Searching. However, the roles are reversed, as June searches for her missing mother, while in Searching, a father looks for his missing son.

The film showcases the internet's dangers and usefulness, as June uses the internet to piece together various clues to find her mother. However, the film also highlights how easy it is to monitor someone's movements and how dangerous it can be. This aspect of the film adds suspense and makes the audience question their own internet security.

Missing presents several plot twists that keep the audience engaged and curious about the story's continuation. The script is well-written, and each plot twist feels smooth and natural, without feeling forced. The film's scoring by Julian Scherle adds to the tense atmosphere, making the audience feel like they are in June's position.


Storm Reid gives a standout performance as June, portraying the character's various emotions with ease. The supporting cast also delivers well on their respective characters, including Ken Leung, Nia Long, and Joaquim da Almeida.

If you think the Missing trailer reveals a lot from the movie, you're wrong! There are always surprises that you can find every time June gets new information about her missing mother. Since the plot twist is well executed, every surprise shown can make you prejudice, keep guessing, and continue to be curious to wait for the continuation of the story until the end of the film.

The plot full of surprises displayed by Missing is also maximized with the scoring (sound effects) of Julian Scherle's work. Scherle makes a score that sounds so unsettling and tense in every important moment in this film. Her intense scoring makes you feel like you're directly in June's position.

Storm Reid really became the star in this film During watching Missing, it can be admitted that the actress who plays June, namely Storm Reid, managed to give a standout performance compared to other actors in this film. Reid is able to channel June's various emotions to the audience, ranging from loneliness over the loss of her father figure, panic in finding her mother, to fear after knowing the mastermind behind her mother's disappearance.


Overall, Missing is a high-quality film that lives up to the standards set by Searching. The plot, characters, and scoring all contribute to an engaging and suspenseful viewing experience. Those who enjoyed Searching are highly recommended to watch Missing.

After reading the Missing movie review, are you interested in watching this thriller in theaters? For those who have watched, don't forget to share your thoughts about this movie!

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