Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer introduces a chatbot style search engine has recently launched a conversational search engine that utilizes a chatbot-style interface and a large language model (LLM) that is similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT. However, Perplexity's search engine distinguishes itself by using current information and including footnotes with links to sources of data. Nonetheless, it is important to note that it is still in development and has some limitations when it comes to its web interface.


The Perplexity chat allows users to ask questions or use keywords to generate an answer compiled from multiple sources. The response provided comes with a warning about the possibility of incorrect answers and a caution against entering personal information. For instance, when asked, "what is synthetic media," the response comes back with a detailed definition and description, including footnotes with links to the sources of the data.


Perplexity is good at remembering conversational context and suggesting related searches to help users refine their hunt for information. Its response is similar to how some questions typed into Google will cause the search engine to have a brief explanation box before listing its links as usual. However, Perplexity distinguishes itself by providing real conversational search with users refining their requests and iterating answers like talking to a human.


Perplexity is not the only search engine developer attempting to bridge the gap between conversational search and search accuracy. introduced the YouChat chatbot, which answers questions and suggests ideas for writing and editing prose. It pulls more recent information than ChatGPT but still has accuracy issues. Jasper Chat is another chatbot format for Jasper's own generative AI engine that attempts to do something similar.


While Perplexity, YouChat, and other conversational search engines may not yet rival Google in search, they are changing the conversation around conversational and generative AI. In response, Google has reportedly brought in founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to brainstorm ways to get ahead in AI chatbots. Expect this industry to become a center of fiery debate for a long time to come.

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